Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 983 - Feb 6, 2011

We had a very lazy day today. We just putzed around, watched some tv and then Kevin watched the game. I half tuned in, but it's not something that can hold my attention long. It's a shame the Steelers lost though.

So last night I saw Kevin do something new. He had to actually log in to Facebook and he amazingly typed his email - only missing the @ sign (he had put a dot there and when I showed him the @ sign he said 'duh' because he remembered). He also typed his password in.

And then tonight he was searching for a movie and typed the first three letters into the search box and then saw rather quickly what he was looking for. I think I just stood there dumbfounded as I had no idea that he could do that now. I remember a month or so ago trying to show him how to type KEVIN on the keyboard and he couldn't really do that. I remember it taking forever for him to look for each letter on the keyboard and he just whaled (sp) through typing it out last night. Aflippinmazing, huh?

I guess I should say that if you are a friend of his on FB, gosh knows if he will write something or if it will make sense or be spelled right. I'm not complaining because at least he's trying, but I'm just throwing it out there because I'm not sure how much he can do.

I wonder if this will be part of the neuro-psych testing? I need to find the time to research what this testing is like before Kevin goes into the hospital.

And speaking of Kev - he's calling me so I guess I'll end here...


Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting about Kevin typing. It sounds like something just eventually come back naturally. No matter how, it's great to hear! :)
I was thinking of Kevin and his Steelers. In fact we were talking about him last night and wasn't the first word he said Steelers? I though so anyway!
Have a great day! It sounds like you've been busy with all the traveling. Hope you can have another lazy day.
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

Flippinamazing is a great way to say it!! I just got on FB myself and needed so much help....but I'm old. Hah. I'm thrilled for him....that'll be fun for him. And he'll get better at it, don't you think? (I hope I do)

Leslie, you've given Kevin every opportunity to engage his brain in different activities. He's really making strides and if not for you, who knows how he'd be doing. You are such an amazing parent, and I know you have some days that are not that great, but to me, you are tireless workhorse, who loves her son so wonderfully. You inspire me! All your hard work is paying off for him.

Enjoy your day!