Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 978 - Feb 1, 2011

It's been such a whirlwind week. We were planning on heading back to TX tomorrow, but we decided to wait an extra day because of the storm that is wreaking havoc across the US. It's also so nice here and who wants to head back to SA when it's really cold there, lol?

So yesterday, my mom, Johnnie and I all went over to show Johnnie the beach on the FL side of the gulf. (Yes, Johnnie came with us as he's like part of the family now, lol. He is also helping with the driving). Kevin had no desire to go and I didn't force the issue because I knew there would be a lot of walking and he's just not up to it right now.

Truthfully, I think it was really good for all of us to get out like we did. My mom is my dad's caregiver now and she rarely gets out so it was nice to see her smile and have fun. Johnny works a LOT at his different jobs so it was nice seeing him relax too. Gosh knows I need it so it was an all around good day for the three of us.

Kevin stayed home with Pap (my dad) and I guess they had a nice time talking and relaxing by the pool.

Today, I went and picked up the new van and then we all hung out at the house. Chrissy and her husband, Josh, came over and she is just so cute pregnant. All of the kids swam and had a good time and then the boys went out with my sister tonight while I stayed home and played cards with my folks. Another good day.


Lorraine said...

If only time could stand still for awhile, you have to soak these moments in. Life is to busy and hectic we never spend enough time with family. Glad your time went great with the family. Safe trip back to TX. Lorraine

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Sweet! =)

Safe travels.