Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 987 - Feb 10, 2011

Well we went to see the plastic surgeon today to start the process of fixing the indentation in Kevin's head. Apparently the process of taking fat from a person's belly and injecting it into their head is a relatively new and the DOD (Dept of Defense) is doing a study right now to monitor the effects.

We are hoping that Kevin will be accepted into the trial and it appears that he should be a perfect candidate. One great thing? The study is being done in Pittsburgh! Yes, if Kevin is accepted, we will be heading to the Burgh for the procedure and subsequent monitoring.

I don't know anything else about it yet, but maybe I'll hear from the surgeon in PA tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed - it is the best non-invasive technique available - even if it is still new.

Kevin also had acupuncture while we were at BAMC today and we are going to continue it on a weekly basis for a while to see if it really helps him. I was surprised Kevin wanted to try it again because he said it made his head hurt more the last time. So far, so good, today though.

We also got the call that Kevin's new brace was already done so we drove to the VA hospital after we left BAMC and picked it up. Kev is struggling a little bit with it yet, but I think it's just gonna take a couple of days to get used to the bulkier feel of it.

And to end, from reading the comment from Tim/Beth on the blog yesterday, sadly it appears that Kevin's grandfather has passed away. Kevin is very sad and has talked about it numerous times today. We haven't spoken to anybody about it (None of my or Kevin's contact information has changed and my email is at the side of the blog so I'm not sure why you couldn't contact us privately?), but I am hoping we are told of the funeral arrangements. I am unsure if I can get Kevin up there in time, but we would at least like to send flowers.


Anonymous said...

Leslie: this is Tims cousin Kim. The viewings are on Saturday. One at 2 and the other at 7. Funeral is Sunday at 2. Everything is at Alcorn's in Hawthorn. Take care. Kim Kammerdiener

Mary Neal said...

Thanks Kim, I was just going to let Leslie and Kevin know.

Anonymous said...

There is an obit in today's Leadertimes.

Anonymous said...

I did not send an email, as I have read here numerious times how behind on emails you are. I don't have access to phone numbers for any of you. I wanted to be sure the message was received quickly. I gave it my best judgement call. Apologies for any upset. I see you now have the rest of the info from other family members. Any other questions you can call Louise's house, family is staying there. Beth

Anonymous said...

Let by gones be by gones at least Beth had the resepect to let you know she could have not said anything at all then you would have been mad either way your making a mountain outta a mole hill. Have some resepect and Thank her no matter which way she let you know. I'm not taking sides here either, I don't even know Beth.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:30 pm, I don't think any of this is helpful...

Cathy M said...

It appears you and Kevin made excellent progress today. All kinds of things taken care of or at least researched. Good for you!

Miss Em said...


Sorry to hear that Kevin has lost someone he remembered and knew that he loved.
Fingers crossed for Kevin and you being able to go. If not, let Kevin pick out the flowers because that way he will feel that he was able to participate the only way he could at this time.

Oh and I would say that the judgement call was not done to cause upset or ill will.
Because nobody could find my phone number at Mom's when she passed[alto it was in Everyone of her phone books] it was 3 months before I found out which means I missed out on all the ways of saying good-bye during the "celebration of her life".

You and Kevin have your chances at saying good-bye [even if it may be long distance] so at least be greatfull for the heads-up no matter how it was delivered.

Miss Em

GrannieEv said...

Condolences to all.

Long-time RN said...

Wow, lots of progress! Hope Kevin adjusts to the brace and it helps him ambulate.

Condolences to your family.