Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 944 - Dec 29, 2010

Today we drove to therapy only to find out that the speech therapist had called off. We just jumped back in the car and came home.

Oddly enough, Kevin's iPad quit working today. It was fine on the ride up to therapy, but it wouldn't even turn on on the ride home. I thought it might have needed synced, but iTunes wouldn't even acknowledge it. So I researched the Apple website and found that you can hold two buttons down simultaneously to 'reboot' it. Thank goodness for the internet, huh? That worked and all was right in Kevin's world again, lol.

Kevin and I didn't really do much else today. We played the Wii for a bit and then he went to his room to watch a movie.

And I'm not sure if he called Ronnie or if Ronnie called him, but they talked for a while too. I am excited to say that Ronnie and his girlfriend are coming to visit in a couple weeks! Kevin is beside himself. He is just so excited! He just kept walking around the house saying "YES!" all night long.

And now I really need to get some sleep. I have to take a hot bath first though - I am just so cold lately...

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Anonymous said...

It would have been nice for the therapy place to call you and let you know. Glad the iPad is back at it! Yeah! I agree, the intenet is great for fixing a lot of things around the house. I've been trying to get our garage door opener to work. :)
Yeah for Ronnie and his gf coming to visit! He always makes Kevin happy! :)
Kathy in IA