Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 938 - Dec 23, 2010

Kevin and I never left the house again today. I think I'm glad we ended up coming home early from the retreat because it gave me a chance to get things done that I wouldn't have had time to do otherwise.

We did get some more cookies baked and then I worked on getting the upstairs a little more unpacked. The main part of the house is finished - and has been for a while, but my area got forgotten about - like pretty much every facet of my life has.

We also Skyped with my family this evening as they were all having their Christmas celebration tonight. Chrissy and her husband both have to work over the holiday so it was best to do it today. It was nice 'seeing' everyone - esp Chrissy as she is pregnant too and is just starting to show.

So now I am going to sign off and take a hot bath and then try to get some sleep. I am cold for some reason tonight and will never be able to sleep until I get warm.


Michelle Long said...

Have a Merry Christmas Leslie. And also to Kevin and Breezy. Soon Baby Christian will be here. Woot! Woot! And a Very Happy Healthy New Year to all of you!

Miss Em said...

Know what you mean when you say that you can't get to sleep if you are cold. When my feet are like blocks of ice...even sheep counting doesn't work...but...a pair of heavy socks do because I too lazy to go sit on the side of the tub with the toes dan-gle-ing in the warm water at 1a in the morning.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Kevin and your entire clan of loved ones

Miss Em