Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 929 - Dec 14, 2010

A question for all of the folks out there that do acupuncture - does it work immediately? And if not, how long until it does start working?

Kevin had it done this afternoon and he did great lying there for the half hour with the needles in his face/head, but he says it has made no difference to his pain level. Apparently, he is always in pain, but it's not so bad most of the time. When it gets that way though, is when he asks for Tylenol.

So I was just wondering if it should be immediate? The doctor mentioned if it worked some we would do it again in 2 weeks, but I never thought to ask when it would work.

Anyway, after we saw the doc, we went to the burn ward and visited all of our friends. We haven't been there for a couple of months and it was nice to see everyone.

After that, we met up with Johnny and he and Kevin went off to go to a skate shop and I picked up Breezy and brought her to our house. I figured our couch was just as good as hers and it would at least get her out of her living room for a couple hours. She is still having minor, sporadic contractions (all of them in her back), but she goes back to see the ob/gyn on Thursday. I'm anxious to see what is said.

Kevin and I are going on a wounded warrior retreat next week, so I will lay odds that she has Christian then...


Anonymous said...

How Long Does It Take For Acupuncture To Work? Acupuncture and its effects differ from patient to patient and each patient has a different recovery time. No two bodies react to treatment in the same way and it depends on the person’s immune system and also how they are adapting to the treatment.

This is true to any kind of treatment followed. The duration of recovery also depends on the nature of the ailment.

Most acupuncture therapists suggest that a person complete the course once they start it so that they can reap the benefits of the complete therapy. It is believed in acupuncture that every problem has a root cause and unless this root cause is cleared, the problem will keep reappearing in different forms. In order to clean and clear something from the root, it takes time and that is why acupuncture therapies are usually spread over a period of time.

If a person is experiencing pain from a long time, then naturally the cure for it cannot be immediate because it is a chronic problem by nature. For chronic and severe pains, a minimum course of at least 6 treatments are preferred so that the pain goes away. Also, there should be ample space between two courses and generally the whole course is continued over a period of days.

Logically most pains go away after a massage or therapy like acupuncture because the muscle or body part that is suffering gets some relief from the external therapy. However, the underlying cause for the problem does not go away and only the pain on the surface is relieved. Unless the underlying cause for the pain is treated over several sittings, the pain will not completely disappear

Long-time RN said...

Agreement with the above anonymous. Immediate effects shouldn't be expected. Good to read you and Kevin are trying this form of treatment.

Sure hope the baby holds out till your back from the retreat, but Mother Nature takes her course! Best to Breezy!

Dee said...

When I first went to my acupuncturist, he told me to give it 3 treatments and see how I felt. I could then decide if it would help me long term and if I wanted to continue with the treatments. I have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, and I noticed some improvement after the 3 treatments so I kept with it. A year and a half later, I'm not 100% pain free and don't ever expect to be, but my flareups are fewer and I've come off over half a dozen prescription medications for the pain. I go see him 2 to 3 times a month and have found that frequency works best for my pain and my wallet. If I could afford it though, I would go every week.

Like the others said, it will depend on the person and their condition, but I would suggest giving it 3 sessions and then evaluate if it's helping him.

Pattie said...

I started to comment on my experience with acupuncture when you first mentioned it, but erased it.

For me it worked when the needles were in but once they were out the pain came back. I tried it for a long while but it just didn't work for me.

Oh, it was for my migraines. I have them very frequently and they make me quite ill. Nowadays there are migraine meds that work for me so I'm finally getting some relief with them, combined with anti-nausea med.

Thinking calming thoughts for Breezy. Sure hope she's not headed for back labor!