Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 927 - Dec 12, 2010

Well, the docs managed to get Breezy's labor stopped and she has been sent home with orders for bed rest for at least the next week. She is feeling much better and hopefully we have a couple more weeks before Christian arrives.

Kevin and I didn't do much today. I spent the day getting this house scrubbed down and Kevin went for his two walks and then just generally lay around the rest of the day. We did watch some tv together (we are watching the Indiana Jones movies consecutively), but that's really it. It was just a very boring day.

I am going to answer a few questions tonight though. I am so far behind.

Hallie - I see it's cold and windy up there in PA, but let me tell you - it's only 39 degrees here right now. It's been downright cold, but at least Kevin and I had hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff tonight. Still, I'm sure it's much yuckier up there... How's your husband doing?

Bryan - thanks for taking care of the water leak. I knew when the bill more than doubled that something was wrong. I will call Chris tomorrow and discuss the bill. Say 'hi' to JT for us!

Jessica - I had my sister bring my fake tree when they came at Thanksgiving. We decorated it last weekend so it's all ready to go. I have heard that real trees are quite expensive here, but that's coming from someone who lived near the "Christmas Tree Capital of the World" - Indiana, PA - where they were pretty cheap.

Jessica - you also mentioned about the woman who woke up speaking with a foreign accent - that is actually very common in this experience. Do you guys remember the roommate that Kevin got while in Tampa for the one night? The guy that threw his pants at me and was screaming at me and Kevin the whole time? Well, he woke up speaking Spanish. He hadn't been able to speak any other languages but English before his injury, but he couldn't understand a word of English for a while. From what I gather, this is also common. It has always made me wonder about the possibility of reincarnation. I else can you wake up as a completely different person speaking a different language altogether?

Nicolette, go for it. Kevin was in the Army as part of The Herd - 173rd Airborne Brigade Special Troops Battalion (I sure hope I got that last part right). He is now discharged.

Speaking of...Leslie - Kevin got his hat and shirt! Love them both! Thanks so much!!

Aggie - woohoo!!!! Call me after you get home from work either Mon, Wed or Friday while Kevin is in therapy if you can. We'll catch up then!

Ok - I know there are so many more than need commented on, but I am going to sign off and go read for a while.


Anonymous said...

aww, Leslie thanks for asking about my husband. He's holding his own. With several compression fractures and just getting out of the hospital with blood clots in his leg and lung, we are managing. Like Kevin, he's on a ton of pain meds and has been since April, which changes so many things. We go for stem cell evaluation 1/10 and praying that will get us "back to some kind of normal."
Working every day, driving from fc to pittsburgh every day, three kids, and a sick husband; i have had my hands full but nothing like you! I am so blessed even through all this.
glad breezy's labor stopped. i bet she's excited and you too. kevin's looking good! things are coming together for you. I am so happy for your family. Keep up the good work. Love, patience, and a whole lot of faith gets us all where we need to go.
and yes, it's really cold here- wind chills in the singles; i just drove the 45 miles to work in snow, ice, and crazy drivers. we are to get 5" more. oh thrills :)

Michelle Long said...

Only 39 degrees? Well I bet Kevin's furry hat comes in handy now!

Jessica said...

I'm relieved to hear that the dr's were able to get Breezy's labor stopped. That's an answer to prayer!

I have no idea how a person can wake up speaking another language and not knowing his own. I've heard of speaking in tongues, but that's way different! If that happened to me, I'd probably be throwing pants, too, and more! Wonder if he got his English back yet?

Sorry to hear it's so cold there! I hope it's not affecting Kevin too much.

I'll be thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers, as well as Breezy and little Christian. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Leslie,

You know me; however, I'm not mentioning my name here because of the disclosure.

I had a bad experience with Brethine (terbutaline) back in the early 1990s and lost a daughter.

Her mom was having pre-term labor. Regular doses of prescription tablets kept the contractions at bay. But after a week or so, a placental abruption occurred. My conclusion was that keeping the baby inside was a mistake.

A few years later, I made an early morning run to the hospital because of pre-term labor. The staff doctor stopped the labor contrary to my expectations. I told him to speak to the obstetrician who knew the history. They agreed to stop any medication and that if contractions started again, they would allow labor to progress normally. That evening, I got a healthy baby boy, about six weeks premature.

There's more to the story; suffice it to say that I've formed a strong opinion on the basis of just one patient, so it's not very scientific.

Sometimes babies are born early; some are born late.
When it is time for a baby to be born, it is that time, no matter which week or month is the computed "due date".

I hope all goes well and hope to hear more good news.