Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 922 - Dec 7, 2010

It was a crazy day today. We had numerous appointments at the house through the afternoon (heating, repairmen, blinds, etc) and then Breezy had her baby shower after work. The ladies she worked with threw it and it was so enjoyable. Kevin, Johnny and I all went and I took a ton of photos. Unfortunately, I am just too lazy to download and edit the pics tonight so I will upload some tomorrow evening.

So did y'all know they make Steelers pacifiers? Hehe. Yeah - she was real excited to get those cute little Steelers onesies and binkies. Quite a few of the other guests groaned when they saw them because we are in Cowboys country here and they all must jokingly argue with her about her Steelers fanaticism. It was kinda funny, lol.

But seriously - I believe Kevin enjoyed himself. I wasn't going to take him as it's mostly a girl thing (although there were other men there), but Breezy asked for him to come and he agreed. I had Johnny drive too, just in case they wanted to leave early, but they stayed the whole time.

After the shower, we ate dinner and then Kevin and I went for a long walk. He took me on his 'path' so that I know where he walks every time he sets off. He walks the entire development, up and down every street, around each cul-de-sac and up the path to the elementary school playground. Quite the distance it was, that's for sure. I am very proud of him for being motivated enough to walk this distance at least once a day.


Michelle Long said...

Yah! Go Steelers!!

Long-time RN said...

It's wonderful reading of all of Kevin's progress. When Kevin 'clicks' with a therapist or medical provider, his progress is multiplied. You're both amazing, strong people.

Steelers are lookin' great, and that's from a Bear fan!