Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 921 - Dec 6, 2010

Kevin had therapy today and I was so happy to hear Roz (his speech therapist) say that they have really hit it off and Kevin is willing to now work with her no matter what she is asking him to do. We are working on more phrases (as opposed to single words) to help us at home. Things like "help me" and "come here" and "I got it". I like that we are working together too to keep the same phrases active in his mind on his 'off therapy' days. We keep each other informed as to what we are working on and what is pretty much down pat.

With Kevin, most of the time it is just about repeating and repeating until he has it embedded in his mind. Sometimes though - he just can't get the syllables to work together. For example - you too. I can't get him to say those two little words together for anything. He can say 'you' and he can say 'too', just not one after the other.

And sometimes he needs inflection to be able to say something. Oddly enough - he can say "I got it", but only with a British accent (kinda like - by golly, I think I've got it). It's why he picks up on movie quotes so easily - it's all about the melodic note to the phrase.

No matter what though - he is really doing fantastic with his talking.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
Kevin truly amazes me each time I read your blog. This is so exciting that his speech continues to improve and expand, by golly!
Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie, Bri, Kev,
It's been awhile. A LONG while.
I'm so happy to hear such good news and to know that my boy is making positive progress. I never doubted him for a minute. He's so strong...stronger than I would be in his situation. His story is so inspirational. With that said, I've been trying SO hard to get his story seen and heard. It just needs to be out there. More people need to know his story. If it is alright with all of you, I would like to enter Kev in an 'Unsung Hero' contest. I am not sure what the qualifying prize is or the grand prize, but his story needs to be read. I am asking your permission, Leslie, to enter Kev's story. It won't be long. It can only be 250 words. But I will need
information, such as, branch of military, active or retired, and a picture. I have the picture. It's actually a really great picture too. Kev and I the day he was given his Purple Heart. <3
Well...let me know what you think. Thanks! I miss you! Take care!

~Nicolette Loose~

Jessica said...

That's great news about Kevin's progress! I just watched a TV show about a lady who had a head injury (cracked skull) that she had recovered from. But years later, a chiropractor cracked her neck and she lost her speech. When it came back, she had a foreign accent! They have no idea why, since she was born and raised in America and never had one before. It made me think of Kevin and his "I got it" right away.

Hope everything else is going well. Enjoy the warmth down there! Here in western NY state it's been snowing like the dickens. I'll be keeping you and Kevin in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.