Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 942 - Dec 27, 2010

Today Kevin had to go to speech therapy. His OT and PT sessions have run out and I'm waiting for the VA to 'renew' them. It's been a couple of weeks already so hopefully they get on it soon. I really don't want him to lose any of what he has gained.

We also had the railings installed in the garage today. No more having to spot Kevin when he comes in and out of the house from there. Next week someone from the VA is coming to the house to look it over for other potential problems for Kevin. I can't think of anything else, but they are more versed in the world of disabilities.

And it's so wonderful to hear Kevin in his room playing Black Ops on his XBox. Some of his friends from PA are online playing the game with him and it makes me so happy. He wanted this game for Christmas and I wasn't sure if I should get it for him or not. He rarely plays on his XBox because his pinky finger is permanently bent at an odd angle and he can't use it on that one handed controller he has, but he didn't really ask for anything else so he got it. He has been on that thing for hours every day since Christmas. I love it!

Every day more and more of the old Kevin is back. Now if we could only get his balance back enough for him to skateboard...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Leslie, what a powerful statement - Every day more and more of the old Kevin is back- just brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. I am so glad for the two of you. I pray his progression continues and there are more and more break throughs in both the medicine world and your world. You have worked so hard to get him where he is. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I'm so glad Kevin is enjoying his game and it's really nice they can play it with each other from other states! Our son likes to play with a friend that moved away. It's as if they are playing in the same room as they can talk to each other. So it really makes it nice to keep in touch as well.
I'm so glad you had a great Christmas! Loved all the pic's and video! :)

Take care,
Kathy in IA

Miss Em said...

Hi Leslie and Kevin,

Leslie, you never know what will be good theropy for Kevin. X-box game controller and pinky finger movement...hopefully in the near future.

Miss Em

Anonymous said...

I agree...hearing that the old Kevin is coming back is the most wonderful thing I've heard in a long time. Speaking of the skateboarding...have you guys seen this?


My son got it for Christmas for the Wii, but it looks like they have it for xbox too. It is SO cool...he stands on the board on the floor and moves it like a regular skateboard, up and down and side to side to simulate actual skating...the graphics are cool and maybe it would be a place to start until Kevin can get out on the open road?

Lisa D in Cali

Pattie said...

How great it is to hear so many positive things!! With any luck the OT &PT will be back soon and I've got a sneaking suspicion you're taking up the slack in order to help Kevin retain as much as possible ;)

I think I remember an Xbox controller issue being mentioned but it only just occurred to me that as my son has moved on to WI (is that right?) he may have what you need. How great is it that his friends in PA can play with him!!

Keeping good thoughts & prayers for your entire family, yeah, you too!