Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 918 - Dec 3, 2010

So yesterday Kevin had a dentist's appointment. I am so sad to say that our fabulous Dr. Craig is retiring at the end of the month. We are all quite sad by this fact, but Kev and Dr C made the best of it yesterday.

Oddly enough - they both collect goofy hats. When we went back to FL, Kevin found his Bob Marley hat and knew immediately he wanted to take it and show Dr. Craig. He has been patiently waiting to go see him and the hat even beat out his iPad in importance yesterday (gasp!!). know Dr. C had to try it on, right? Here he is:

And here is a photo of the two of them.

It's just so sad to think we will probably never see each other again. The two of them just hit it off so well.

So while we were in the dentist's office, the vision impairment folks called and wanted to get together to discuss vision therapy for Kevin. Apparently they knew we were on the third floor for the dentist and wanted us to go down to the second floor when we were finished to see them. That was mighty convenient and we were happy to do so.

The gentleman that was 'seeing' Kevin did a few tests and decided to have a private firm do an evaluation to see what Kevin could benefit from. He was (at first) more interested in having Kevin learn to 'deal with' his vision impairment, but I told him that we were not going to assume that Kevin could never get his vision back. Sure, he may not, but with all the other progresses he has made, who can truly assume that he couldn't get his full vision back with a little therapy to remind the brain that he has two good eyes?

So now we wait and see when the firm will call to get the ball rolling on that too.

And we do now have an appointment with the plastic surgeon too. I think I mentioned the other day that we were going to start that process as well.

The month is filling up. Our schedule is absolutely crazy for the next few weeks and I may have to start scheduling days 'off', lol.

Although...I did get a small chunk of time to myself today. While Kevin was at therapy, I went to this little bistro that was featured a while back in the news for being such a homey place. I grabbed a cookie and a bottle of water and just sat on the couch and read for about an hour. They had jazz music playing and it really was a relaxing hour or so. I was the only person in there at that hour and I liked that too, lol. It may become my new home while Kevin is in therapy. I haven't figured out if it's worth the drive back home for the few hours he's there. We'll see, I guess...


karen said...

What a shame you can't be the one patient that this dentist treats as a "guest star" in a practice ... any chance of that?

I only ask because the woman that did one of my dental surgeries was an older (like, maybe borderline elderly?) lady who comes into my dentist's office when required ... they try to line up a few people who need those kinds of services and my dentist takes the day off. Seems like it is like a mostly retired situation.

I have a few hours a week off, like 2 hours, twice a week, when my little guy goes to preschool and the girls are at school. Although my home is 15 minutes away, I am finding it healthier to go and unwind in a cafe ... but there is so much to get done and no time. So ... I guess I split it 30/70 (coffee/home) depending on what is more needy ... my spirit or my house. Sounds like you had a good hour regardless.

I look forward to reading about Kevin's improvements. I really believe (and with conviction based upon watching friends with brain injuries) that recovery has a lot to do with the belief/efforts/expections of the people around the injured individual. Today at my kids' Christmas concert we heard a grade one boy who has severe cerebral palsy singing with the choir. It was angelic and, while we communicate with gestures and signs, he does not even grunt to me (and I speak with him all the time!).

Jessica said...

Aw, that's too bad about Kevin's dentist retiring! They were such a great match. That Bob Marley photo is too funny!

The bistro sounds like a great place to relax and I'm glad you had the opportunity.

Do you and Kevin have plans for Christmas yet? I can't believe it's only a few weeks away. I'll be thinking of you both and keeping you in my prayers. Take care.

Long-time RN said...

Oh darn, sorry to read Kevin is losing this dentist. He looks like a great guy, particularly in that hat!

The bistro sounds like a nice place to hang out for a bit.

Hope you're having a good weekend.