Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 933 - Dec 18, 2010

We had company today. Daniel (who was with Kevin during the attack) came over to visit Kevin this afternoon and I know Kevin really appreciated it. It was the first time they ever got together out of the hospital environment and I think they had a great visit. I'm just glad the ramp was put in a few days ago so that Daniel COULD come to visit.

Here are some photos of the guys in front of Daniel's new car:

It was interesting to see the hand gas and brake device that enables Daniel to drive. If Kevin is ever able to drive - it's how he will too.

Here are a couple more pics from the other day too. One is of the hat Moe sent Kevin for Christmas and the other is a shirt that the other Leslie sent.

Cool, huh?


Lorraine said...

Love the hat and the SHIRT, I would wear the shirt out all the time. Maybe people would quit staring. And the message on it is SOOOOOO true. Nice car too. Going to Brady this morning to check on camp. Love you guys and Merry Christmas to ya! ! ! Wait until next year and you have the baby, it will be fun. Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Daniel looks great in the pictures! How very touching. He and Kevin share a bond that probably will never be broken. Love the hat and shirt too! Love the car also. Just want you to know that you are not the only one with crappy luck. Bought a new car, my dream car- I work hard, I deserve it- right? Made my first payment on Monday. Thursday, going down rt 66, in 55 mph zone, deer jumps out. I couldn't miss it. My whole left side of my car is toast. I was not injured and thank God there was no black ice that morning. I have driven 26 yrs about 100 miles / day to work (and sometimes with call, two and three times / day);I have never hit anything. Let me get a car I just love and I hit a deer. Maybe it's God's way to remind me that material things are not important.
Had to share with you.
On vacation for the next two weeks. Will definitely be checking on Kevin's adventures! :)
Thoughts and prayers,

PS How is Breezy doing?

Cathy M said...

Yes, love the T Shirt! That is a nice car and I bet Daniel looks great driving it. Thanks for sharing the touching photos.

Pattie said...

Love, love, love Daniel's car! I hope it brings a smile to his face.

Love Kevin's shirt. I've seen it as a hoodie too and thought for about half a minute my Dad might like it, but it turned out he didn't understand what it meant :(


Jessica said...

Wow, nice car! That's neat that Daniel and Kevin were finally able to hang out somewhere other than the hospital. Hope they can do that more often.

It's so hard not to be with loved ones at Christmas. This is going to be my first Christmas without my Grandad in 33 years, so I can empathize somewhat. I know I have to just remember and cherish all the 32 Christmases we did have together, but it's still hard.

You and your family are in my heart and prayers. Take care. Oh, and I love the t-shirt. Doesn't that just say it all?