Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 82 - Aug 21, 2008

Nothing much happened today. Kevin was taken for a little spin in his chair, but other than that he wasn't really interested in playing anything or even writing on the board. I can only imagine how disgusted he has to be. He has to have 2 eye medications put in his eyes every single hour of the day and night. No 'real' rest for him so he has to be frustrated and sick of being bothered.

Joel came through his surgery just fine. I checked on him when I left Kevin tonight (he is in the next room now) and he was sleeping so peacefully.

If nobody minds, I am just going to answer some of your questions because there really just isn't much to say.

First, Lisa - No, Kevin doesn't shake his head or truly give any indication that he understands when you ask a question. That's one reason I am just not sure that he really chose the word YES yesterday on the board. I want to believe he knows, but in all honesty - he just may not. As for his neck muscles, he actually sat in the chair for almost 2 hours today with no neck brace. This was the first time we didn't use it while he was sitting up. And him using his eyes to blink for yes or no - that's not easy for him to do. His eyes don't shut, not even when he sleeps. They were badly burned and although he has already had plastic surgery on them twice, he will need a few more surgeries before we are all done.

Jenna - thank you so much for asking if I need anything from home. I really don't though. I live in a hotel room so space is limited and since we will be leaving soon I try not to add anything to my stash as I will have to pay to have everything shipped to Tampa when we leave.

Karl - we have a few pictures here that we show Kevin and to be honest - lately he has been getting very upset when we show them to him. I don't know if it means he remembers and misses his old lifestyle or if he doesn't remember who anybody is and is frustrated. That's a good idea though, writing the names on the board and asking Kev who is who. I will try that soon!

I think I got all of the questions answered. If I missed anything, please ask again. My inbox is huge and I try to keep all the questions there until they are answered. (I get all comments emailed to me).

Oh, and I was told I probably wouldn't hear before Monday about Tampa's acceptance. Man, I hate the waiting...


Vicki C said...

Hope you get to hear something soon! I'm sure the waiting is horrible. Hugs Les!

LISA said...


You work all day with Kevin and you work all night with us.

Thank you for answering our questions. We appreciate you.

Now need it.

God Bless you..amazing lady.
Praying for you all.

I did forget something to share with you. When my Mother was very ill, a wonderful minister came to visit her often. She did not respond at times to us, as she also seemed frustrated.

When the minister opened the Bible and read a very simple scripture to her, she immediately perked up and smiled. Call it whatever you want to call it...but it was amazing for our family to see.

Has a minister been in to visit with Kevin at all ?

Stay Strong Leslie...and baby steps for Kevin. I think at times we forget what he's had happen to him. The progress he has made is remarkable.

Goodnight. : )

Kris said...

Hey there Kevin, Leslie & Breezy -
Praying so hard that you find out soon about Tampa. Praying so hard for your strength and comfort Leslie & Breezy, to help you get through these difficult days. I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like trying to guess what he's thinking, how he's doing, seeing your baby so broken. God bless you Leslie & Breezy, keep you under His wing and just give you that strength.

So relieved to hear that Joel is doing well after surgery.

Please never forget that we're all out here praying for you and praying with you! And we always will be. God bless you Kevin, Leslie, Breezy and everyone. Giant hugs to you all.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

tbehr1018 said...

Hurry up and WAIT......The hardest fact in life.

I think you are very right about Kevin being frustrated. We all get caught up in that at times in the simple things that happen in life so I can only imagine what he is going through. Hopefully once you get to Tampa all the stimulation they will be giving him and the change will boost him again. Also his body is going through so many changes I'm sure that is hard too.

Hang in there! I continue to send prayers and good thoughts to you all.


The Rock said...

Dear Leslie
I guess Kevin needed a brake from all the Stress . It is hard to get sleep when they constantly have to lubricate his eyes.
I am sure it will help Kevin a lot.
Hang in there Leslie, it will get better !

Soldiers Angel

Jessica said...

What a shame Kevin can't get a solid night's sleep! Hospitals are the worst place to try to get well, ironically. How are his burns healing? And his back where the skin grafts were taken?

I'm glad to hear that Joel made it through the surgery. Hopefully he'll be making good progress soon!