Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 876 - Oct 22, 2010

Yes! The Advil seems to be working. Kevin only took pain meds 3 times today and none of them were Oxy! Wouldn't this just be so wonderful if Tylenol and Advil do the trick totally? The doc called me today too, to check up on Kevin and we decided to look into the TMJ situation more when we come back to TX. He is as excited as I am!

We didn't really do much today though so I think I will just end here.

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Jessica said...

Advil is my friend, too! LOL! I'm so glad it's helping Kevin. Has he tried alternating hot and cold packs to his cheek? It might give at least some temporary relief until he can get acupuncture.

Hope today went well, pain-wise. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.