Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 869 - Oct 15, 2010

Wow - what a busy day today! We had all kinds of company and Kevin was even given a gift from Cat and Mike. You guys are gonna love this:

Yep. Another ugly hat. I believe Mike said this is official Army gear though, but I still think it's ugly. Kevin, of course, loves it!

Lea also came to visit today and her and Kevin went for a walk with the therapist. It was so nice of her to spend the afternoon with him!

Kevin continues to do well with the detox. I had a chat with the doc today and we are starting to think that the methadone hasn't really been doing anything for Kevin. He told me that narcotics rarely help a headache and if that is all Kevin is suffering from the meth may have been unneeded all along.

And we are discussing acupuncture for the headaches when we come back to TX from FL in a few weeks. There is always the Tylenol, but I am open to trying the needles too. Not sure how Kevin is going to feel about giving it a try, but I think once he hears that it may take the headaches away completely he will be up for it. We shall see...


Anonymous said...

Another hat! :) It's just wonderful that Kevin is doing so well! Sounds like you're having some good days!
Have a great weekend!
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Tina said...

Love the photo ;p ...
Acupuncture is a great thing and I have seen many people with many ailments find relief 8 )
Good luck with that!!!
Hugs, Tina in TX

Dee said...

The acupuncture is a great idea. I've been seeing one for over a year now for fibromyalgia and am off most of my prescription medications because of it. It's made a tremendous difference for me. But I will warn you that the needles can hurt going in - when they hit sensitive spots. I hope it helps him with his headaches.

Anonymous said...

I use acupuncture for nausea & headaches -it works great. And yes sometimes they need to back the needle or wiggle it. Mine always does your hands, feet and head, along with whatever else you need for your particular complaint.

Long-time RN said...

Oh, that hat is wonderful! Kevin looks great! Very good reading that the treatment is going well.

One of our clinic docs is trained in acupuncture. The treatments have helped our injured workers with a variety of issues such as neck pain, 'tennis elbow', low back pain and other conditions. Hope Kevin finds it helps relieve headaches if you decide to give it a try.