Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 872 - Oct 18, 2010

Three really great things happened today!

1. Kevin took his very last dose of Methadone at 9pm this evening!

2. I pretty much finished audit #3. Just gotta wait on the paperwork from the banks.

3. And Kevin moved his right arm downward today. He has been able to kinda move it upward, but he has never been able to move it down. You should have seen the look on his face - he was so shocked and excited. The Botox has really made a difference and the therapy even more so. His hand is much looser - it is often open now instead of being clenched so tightly you can barely pry it open. His arm is also hanging way lower than it used to. Yahoo! It would be so great if we could get even a small amount of use out of it.

And we are discharging from the hospital tomorrow. I believe Kev will be ready and waiting when I get to the hospital - although that is definitely not a given, lol.

Tonight I had to request a different nurse. We had someone that we had never had before and the guy wasn't patient enough to handle Kevin. Kevin does things in his own time and when he didn't take his meds fast enough for the nurse, the nurse started lecturing him about 'stealing time away from his other two patients'. That wasn't flying with me. Kevin was upset because the nurse just wasn't listening to him at all and I could see that Kev wasn't going to get the care he needed. He does require more time to process and do things sometimes and if a nurse (or anyone) can't understand that then they need to step away. It's nothing personal - he just wasn't a good match for Kevin.

Truthfully, I can say that both Kevin and I really love this hospital and pretty much all of the docs and nurses that work here. Everyone treats us like family and it's much appreciated when you, in a sense, live there.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe it! All such wonderful news! :) I'm glad everything is coming together now. Yes, that would be great to have use in his arm. Sounds like he's doing very well in therapy! Yeah!!! :)
Have a great day!
Kathy in IA

Cathy M said...

That is exciting about Kevin's arm movement. That is big news! Can't wait for the first photo showing his arm in a more relaxed position.

Tracey from Pgh. said...

Praise God!

karen said...

I truly love the way you advocate for Kevin without apology. I think one of the reasons I read your blog is to gather strength from this uncompromising and non-blaming expectation that your son be seen and treated as his own person.

Yay for Kevin too!

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

I am so glad the detox went easier than you had thought. I am also so excited about his arm. What amazing progress.