Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 874 - Oct 20, 2010

We had a pretty good day today - in between all the pain Kevin was in. Yes, I don't know if it was just a fluke (I so hope so) or if it's because there is finally not one drop of methadone in his system, but Kevin really struggled today. He got more Oxy and Tylenol today than he has in a long time. I'm not calling the docs yet as I want to see what tomorrow is like, but if he is in this much pain again tomorrow I do plan to give them a quick call. It defeats the purpose of detox if I am having to keep giving him Oxy.

Other than that, Kevin had a dentist appt today and, like always, he and Dr. Craig hit it off immensely. I do believe they are two peas in a pod, lol. Here are a couple of photos:

They honestly have so much fun together. And would you believe Dr. C has a hat collection too? shoulda seen the picture of him in his chicken hat. It's hilarious, lol!

After that it was just a few minutes shy of 5pm (which means it was rush hour) so we decided to just grab Breezy (the dentist's office is near her house - not ours) and go for dinner. It takes a good 1 1/2 hours to get home during that time so it was worth taking the time to eat and bypassing all of that.

Here's a picture of Breezy that shows how much my grandson has grown. She is close to 7 months now and getting baby bigger every day. I don't think she's really gaining weight anywhere else, but that's my opinion.

And here are a couple of pics of the kids together:

And I want to quickly thank those that mentioned how well acupuncture has worked for you. Kevin wasn't really open to it, but I read all of the comments and emails to him and he has agreed to try it. We will begin that treatment when we come back to TX from Florida in a few weeks.

And Jessica - you mentioned me sleeping in the other day and would you believe I didn't wake up until 4:19 in the afternoon?!! I couldn't believe I slept that late, but apparently I needed it. Of course, I didn't go to bed until roughly 6am as I was working on that audit, but still...

I sure wish I could do that for a week straight...


Tracey from Pgh. said...

Wow! Great pictures Leslie! The dentist looks like a real character and Breezy looks great. The baby really has grown. Let's pray Kevin's pain subsides...

Long-time RN said...

Kevin and his dentist look like quite a pair! Breezy looks wonderful!

I attended a seminar today and the neuro doc speaking said what he has learned about accupuncture from long time practitioners is that accupuncture works best for conditions above the level of the breastbone area. In other words, head,neck,shoulder area. Genererally less effective for issues below the level of the breastbone. Hope Kevin gets results if you try this route of therapy.

Jessica said...

That's wonderful that Kevin has agreed to acupuncture therapy. The needles are SOOO fine that you barely feel them going in. I experience mild pressure around the area of the needle as it sits there, which apparently is a good thing. If it does feel uncomfortable, the acupuncturist can take the needle out right away and reposition it. Tell Kevin that it's nothing like I.V. needles, not even close.

Glad you were able to sleep so late! I think you need about a year of sleeping in just to catch up on your sleep deficit.

I hope Kevin's pain is better today. Is it mostly headaches?

Sounds like things are moving forward with his right arm! So good to hear. I'll be praying for relief from his pain and keeping you all in my thoughts! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Grandma! :) I had been following your blog every day until I had my first baby back in May! Kevin looks great, I can't believe how well he's doing. Prayers for you, Kevin, Breezy and her baby!