Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 875 - Oct 21, 2010

I talked to the doc today about Kevin's pain issue and we discussed trying Advil and seeing if the anti-inflammatory might make a difference. I know that he took some tonight and it was seven hours before he needed anything else and that was a larger time span than has been normal the past couple of days. This really could be it. It makes some sense as he is still swollen some on the cheekbone and the doc mentioned possible TMJ. We are going to see how it goes over the weekend and go from there.

Oh - and Jessica - yes, the pain is a headache. Or some kind of pain in the head anyway. When he yawns he screams in agony just about every time.

And Kevin and Johnny went to see Jackass 3 (in 2D though as Kevin couldn't handle 3D) tonight and it was a nice evening at home by myself.

And today we went to the CFI (Center For Intrepid) to get Kevin's new wheelchair, but it wasn't the right one. It was ok, because while we were there Kevin spent some time talking to another soldier and it was just so awesome to see. They were telling each other their 'war stories' - only I had to say what Kevin was motioning. I truly believe Kevin understood everything. The young man mentioned being a sniper and stepping on a landmine and Kevin gasped appropriately. This guy really spent some time with Kevin and it made me wish that Kevin could go there for therapy - just to have that 'brothers in arms' atmosphere. I know we tried to get him to go there in the beginning, but there was some reason about the VA that he wasn't allowed to. I might have to check into that.

Kevin and I also watched a movie tonight after Johnny left and I am so glad he is out in the living room more and more. He is making great strides, isn't he?


Pat said...

Kevin has come soooo far! Yeah Kevin!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be amazing if the pain was coming from his mouth/teeth issues instead of from the head trauma. The mouth can be fixed - I believe you are doing the right thing taking the Advil - if he can take it to keep ahead of the pain until the problem can be resolved that would be a miracle. And thank goodness he loves that dentist!!