Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 860 - Oct 6, 2010

So Kevin and I went to see one of his docs today to make sure that it's a good idea to go in for detox. The doc did agree that Kevin's cheekbone area is swollen and sent us for a CT Scan. Unfortunately, he wanted a contrast scan done, but no one could get an IV in Kev's arm so after an hour of deliberation between the docs and the radiologists, they decided to just do a normal CT.

Tomorrow we go see the neurosurgeon and he will have the results of the scan so we should know more then.

We are still planning for Kevin to go into the hospital next week, but now the doc doesn't feel Kevin will actually be removed totally from the narcotics. He just thinks we will get Kevin down to a smaller amount. It kinda makes me question if this is even worth it at this point in time because he really isn't on that high of a dose of meth. He rarely takes any oxy at all anymore so I'm just not sure it's worth putting Kevin through all this.

Oh well, it's what they want to do so I am going to go along with it. I am just really nervous about this and I hate to put him through it if the results aren't going to be as good as we originally thought.

(Can you tell I'm just not crazy about this whole idea?)

And we have decided to go back to Florida for a couple of weeks at the end of the month. My dad is not doing so great and we think we need to go home for a visit. Breezy and Chris are going too (but just for a long weekend as they both have to work) so it's going to be our 'family holiday' of sorts.

Kevin is very excited to be going home for a bit. He misses his house and he misses his things. He also can't wait to see everyone - he talks about them all the time. Matter of fact, he called my parents at 3:00 this morning to chat. I'm pretty sure they weren't crazy about the time of the call though, lol.

It makes me wonder how many other people he calls at that time of the night, hehe...


Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers...

Cathy M said...

Hey, Kevin can call me! I am awake off and on all night anyway!

I understand what you are saying about it maybe not being worth it for Kevin to get detoxed only part way, but hopefully these docs know their stuff and you will see Kevin's overall health and abilities improve afterwards. Getting off unnecessary narcotics is a good thing as meds have side effects, as you know. Thinking of you and Kevin...