Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 868 - Oct 14, 2010

Kevin is still doing fantastic! Matter of fact, he didn't need any additional Tylenol or anything for roughly 11 hours today - woohoo! He has seen a 33% decrease already and is down to 21 mg a day now. Wonderful, eh?

I am excited because I actually went to sleep at 2am this morning. Amazing! And I slept completely uninterrupted until 8:40 when my phone rang (and it wasn't Kevin - he didn't call one time!).

I was glad for the wake up call though because I was able to go and get the oil changed in Kevin's car before going to the hospital. It needed it quite some time ago but it's not easy to do things like that.

And now I think I am going to go take a nice hot bath before going to bed.

Oh and Janet - I am so happy that Matt is home for good! I hope we can get together when we go back to FL for a visit in a couple of weeks. Maybe you guys can all come over for dinner. Stromboli sounds good...

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