Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 1208 - Sep 20, 2011

Well...we had a great vacation! Honestly, the food was horrible, there was way too much seaweed and the service wasn't up to par either, but we still had a great time! Oh and I forgot to mention that after we paid for the hotel, neither mine nor Moe's credit cards would work down there. It's kinda funny now (because we saved so much money, lol), but it was a little worrisome trying to come home with just the cash we had on hand.

But still...like I said...it was super wonderful just sleeping on the beach. Heck, I probably slept more the past week that I did all last year, lol. Honestly, the first night I was snoring by 8:30 and slept for 13 hours! Heaven!

So here are a bunch of pics:

We went snorkeling and then we went swimming with the sharks!

And after we ate our meal and had our drinks is when we were informed our credit cards wouldn't work. Yikes! We had to scrounge money in our purses to pay for our meals, lol.

It really was a good time! I don't think I'll ever go back there, but it was still fun!

And from what I gathered - Kevin won $150 playing poker at the casino this week (so he splurged and bought himself a cigar - which promptly made him sick) and other than that he didn't really do too much. The kids went running around though and I'm glad.

And today we loaded up a huge truck with all our things and Johnnie and Ness will be driving it back to TX. They are leaving in the morning and Kevin and I will be going home on Thursday.

It's been a good vacation - for all of us. I'm glad to see the family, but it will be nice to go home too and finally get everything unpacked and maybe start to live like normal folks...

PS - I read on FB that Joel came through his surgery (I believe it was a 20 hour surgery), but that the next 72 hours were the most critical. They took him off the vent though and he is squeezing hands so I feel confident he will do great! Love you, Joel!


karen said...

What beautiful pictures! I was just reading a blog story by a woman who has a son with a serious heart issue. I'm including the link here only because I think it speaks a lot to the importance of time away, just in case any trolls post something else! I know you don't get much time to read but maybe things are easing up? Glad you had such a good time.



Anonymous said...

Everyone deserves the occasional break, and you deserve a big one with the life you have been living since all this started. Glad to hear you had a good time, and have a safe trip back to Texas.
Love, Aunt Mona

Anonymous said...

glad you had a good time. have heard others complain about your destination - not very friendly to tourists, the credit card thing. I hope you checked your card to make sure nobody ripped you off.
sleep is so underrated. getting enough of it can change your whole world. glad you had a chance to "catch up".
you proved to yourself that kevin can be "okay" with you away. that is well worth the trip and the big drinks were just a bonus :)
really .. . . so proud of you for taking the time for yourself. so glad things are getting better in some ways. thoughts and prayers for continued steps forward.

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Moe were able to get away!!!!! Looks like you had a very relaxing trip! Wow- I would think they would want to accept cc's- more business for them.
Sounds like Kevin and everyone there have enjoyed their trip too! Have a safe trip back!
Kathy in IA

Tracey from Pgh. said...

Yay for you, Leslie!

Kris said...

Soooooo glad you got to get some rest, some relaxation, some very large cocktails and most of all - SLEEP!!! You soooooo deserved that time away. And it sounds like Kev had a blast too!! Have a safe trip back home!!

So glad Joel seems to be doing well - there are loads of thoughts and prayers being said for him and Jose and Maritza! Looking forward to an update on how he's doing.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

you can not use US money in the D R so how did you pay for your meal as you said we had to scrounge from our purses. you have to exchange it

Anonymous said...


Yawn... yes, yes you can... I always do, actually.

Jeremy Riegel said...

SOOO glad you finally got a real vacation! You deserve it more than anyone else I know.

Sorry it wasn't paradise, but at least you got away, caught up on some much needed rest, and didn't have to worry (as much!) for a few days.

Have a safe trip back to Texas!


Anonymous said...

We went to Santiago in Dom Rep and I have to say where we stayed it was awesome. So many people we went on excursions with complained about the places they stayed, but ours was wonderful.
I am so glad you had fun. It is beautiful there and you got some much needed rest:)
I also suggest checking with the credit card company. It may have just been a safety feature with your bank, but better to check it out.
I am glad we did not have that problem when we were there. We would not have been able to do a thing!
Love Ya