Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 1197 - Sep 9, 2011

We kinda had a lazy day today. We got up and Christian and I went swimming. That boy is a natural - you should see him try to swim, lol! He LOVES it!

After that we all putzed around and then we loaded up and went to Walmart. Kevin just had to buy the new X-Men movie that was released today and mentioned it as soon as he woke up this morning.

We also played some cards tonight. My family is real big on playing cards every night, lol. We are all pretty competitive too so it gets a bit rowdy here sometimes.

That's pretty much it for today, but I did want to answer a question that came through - someone asked if Kevin remembered Jeremy and sadly, no, he did not. It's strange really, as he mostly remembers things like that.

And to end, here is a video of Christian eating his first piece of pizza. My did he love it! LOL! (and excuse all of us talking in the background)


Northpoint Mary said...

Oh Leslie, I loved that video! It would go viral on Youtube!

Lucy Jane said...

Too that's a little guy lovin' his pizza!

Pat said...

That little guy is so cute...don't you guys ever feed him!!? LOL! He acts like he's starving, or maybe he REALLY LOVES PIZZA!

Jeremy Riegel said...

Kevin got to my company only 12 days before I changed out of command, so he didn't have much interaction with me in Afghanistan (although he was my gunner on one mission). I would have been really surprised if he had remembered me. But we still had a great time together, especially eating dinner at Rudy's BBQ!