Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 1419 - Apr 16, 2012

So to finish out some pics and videos of our wonderful week in Aspen, here are 2 videos of Kevin climbing the rock wall.  Unbelievably, Kevin pulled himself up the wall with his one arm.  He now weighs about 217 pounds, add to that all the gear, and he amazed me that he could do it!

The first video is long because it's all but the last darn seconds of him climbing the wall.  My finger slipped and turned it off just as he was ringing the bell, but I quickly got it going again.  You gotta love his new quote right at the end after ringing the bell, lol.

Piece of cake, right?  He sounded like he was dying, lol.

And here is the final photo of our trip.  It's Kevin receiving a medal for a job well done.

A big thanks need to go out to the VA for putting such a wonderful trip together for these guys/gals.  It was a great week full of fun and camaraderie and I hope very much that Kevin will go back next year!

And on to the real world - not too much happened this week for us.  Kevin's taking it easy while his toe heals from the toenail removal.  He's wearing a walking boot which tends to slip off rather easily so we aren't doing too much.  I don't really know how long he'll have to wear it, but hopefully he can put his sneakers on soon.

That's pretty much it so I'll catch y'all next week!


Mary said...

This was so heartwarming, thanks Leslie!

Anonymous said...

Kevin's will and determination are so strong. He confirms it over and over again!
Thank you for continuing to share this journey you are all on.
Hoping little Christian is doing better also!
Love to you all,

Michelle Long said...

WOW! I am simply amazed. I know I couldn't do that! Congratulations Kevin, you are awesome! Piece of cake indeed! You deserve a piece of cake (cheese cake... LOL) after that feat!!!

Cathy M said...

I would never be able to ring that bell. Kevin is amazing! Piece of cake, right. Was his arm sore the next day??

Cathy M

Anne said...

Kevin's strength and determination are so inspiring-not to mention his wicked sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Leslie, this made me cry!!!! I've been watching since the start. My nephew, Jon Burke was in the Army with Kevin. My Mom had a stroke that left her in a similar condition to Kevin. I'm SO excited to see him doing so many "normal" things...just living his life now. I know it isn't exactly a "normal" life for either of you...but WOW. He's doing things none of us ever expected to see. This is a testament to his amazing will to live, and your amazing love and dedication to helping your son live his life to his full capabilities! Congratulations! You two have proven that love conquers ALL adversity!!! I am inspired by Kevin's determination!!!