Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 1412 - Apr 9, 2012

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  I ended up keeping Christian all night as he is very sick again.  His whole mouth is full of blisters (something contagious from daycare)  and he has not been able to eat or drink for days.  He's been pretty miserable, but this morning he woke up and had no fever so I made him not 1, not 2, but THREE scrambled eggs for breakfast!!  He's on the mend.

So we did manage to get just a couple good pics of him yesterday.  Breezy brought some bubbles up and we played outside for just a bit:

And here he is finally sleeping at about 2am.  The doc suggested we give him some Benadryl to help him sleep and I gave it to him at about 1am.  He was just playing away in Uncle Kevin's room with one of Kevin's stuffed angry birds animals and he just set it aside, laid down and in one second was sound asleep.  This was the first respite the child had for two days - poor thing!

But back to Kevin - I have more photos and videos of our fantastic trip to the Winter Sports Clinic.  Here is the gondola that we went up the mountain in in the town of Aspen (pic taken from inside so excuse the glare).  It was one of the day trips:

And once we near the top of the mountain we got to ride in a snow cat to the very top of the mountain.  It was a very bumpy ride and Kevin didn't want to get out so I snapped a pic of him still inside.

And the view from the top:

So the next day Kevin went snowboarding again, this time with his new buddy, Tim.  Tim was a great instructor and the two of them hit it off wonderfully!  Here are some pics and video:

This is Tim clobbering Kevin, lol.  What fun they had!!

Rene' - here's one for you!  It's Kevin with Sarah and Ted!

And here's some video of Kevin and Tim snowboarding:

Ok, I think this post is long enough too. I will come back next Sunday with the rest of our fabulous trip!

I do want to quickly say that we finally got in to see the podiatrist on Friday. Kevin's ingrown toenail was very infected and I asked them to just remove the nail. This was the third time it's gotten infected and with his weakness in his right leg/foot, I can't see it getting better for good. This will take care of it once and for all!

It's obvious Kevin had a great trip, right? YAY!!!

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