Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 1266 - Nov 17, 2011

Not a whole lot happened this week. Kevin had a dentist appointment yesterday to get some more work done. The new dentist is really a great guy as well. I mentioned to him that the oral surgeon never called, but sent a note to have an evaluation done at the end of December. I told him that I was concerned about Kevin being in pain that length of time and he apparently called the oral surgeon and asked him to move up our appointment. The surgeon called today and we now have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Yay! But yikes!

We are also waiting on orthotics to call because Kevin's knee is hyper-extending again. He just came out to the kitchen to get his nightly jug of water and could barely make it back to his room. He had already taken his brace off and it's even worse when it's off, but he's once again doing it with his brace on too. I sure hope they call soon! We are thinking that orthotics might just need to adjust his brace and it will at least help while it's on.

I'm also hoping the guy comes soon with the remotes for his light and fan in his room. Also a soap dispenser for his shower. I try to always take care of turning his lights on/off when his brace is off his foot because I worry about him falling, but sometimes I am just busy or sleeping and he does it himself. I started this process for the remotes guy months ago - I honestly just don't know why this stuff takes so long.

It's the same with his shower chair. His cracked a long time ago and we are still waiting on a replacement. Kevin has been standing in the shower now and that scares the crap outta me. He has no brace on and he's standing on a slippery tiled floor. It's a recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Please VA - please hurry with this stuff!

And in other news, Kevin bought himself the new Call Of Duty game for his XBox. He is actually able to play it and is having a blast. LuAnne - Kev mentioned that Mig must have it? When I asked if any of his friends did have it he clearly said "MIG". He is talking up a storm now and coming up with so many words on his own. It's just awesome!

And our little man is pretty sick again. He is just sick all the time, isn't he? Breezy took him to the docs today because he's been running a high temp ever since he got his flu shot. It's to be expected for a couple days, but it's been nearly a week and he is throwing up and just restless as all get out. I think his fever got up to nearly 104 today too. I feel so bad for him and I know it's exhausting for Breezy too. They actually ended up staying here last night because she started feeling sick too and I helped with taking care of him.

Anyway, the doc sent him for bloodwork and a urine test. So far everything's clear, but it will be days before all the results are in. Keep him in your thoughts, please.

And I guess this book is long enough for tonight, lol. I really started off with nothing to say...


Anonymous said...

Hope the Lil Man is feeling fun when they are sick.

Anonymous said...

Here is some great news from the Tampa area on Kevins friend Sgt. Joel Tavera.. Hope little man gets better soon.