Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 1092 - May 26, 2011

Today I took Kevin to Dave & Buster's. He loves that place, but we hardly ever go for some reason. I got a couple of coupons in my email from there this morning though and I wanted to take him out and do something fun because he's been a good sport while I haven't been feeling well. He was excited when I told him what our plans were for today. Here's a shot of him playing Skeeball:

Speaking of being at D&B, Anita - you asked if Kevin still gets overstimulated from noise and lights and mostly the answer is 'NO'. Thank goodness, huh? He has only had a problem a few different times and that's mostly when he had to be somewhere early and didn't get any sleep. Or if it's just been a long, tiring day. We know that he still needs 'down' times throughout the day where he can just be quiet in his room and I try to make sure he gets enough of it. Travel days are always a little rough because flying anywhere is just such a lengthy experience by the time you get to the airport, wait and then fly, land and get wherever you are going. Surgical days are usually rough too. It sure isn't like it used to be though...remember when we couldn't even sit 5 minutes at a doctor's office? How far he's come...

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Jessica said...

Yes, I do remember when Kevin had trouble going out! What a blessing that he's not as sensitive anymore. And now he's emailing! Or he soon will be, I can see that coming.

I'm glad you were able to see the therapist and hope you can talk to someone through give an hour. It must have been good to get some feedback from a professional, although it would certainly be more ideal if you could meet with the same person more than once a month!

Hope you have a great weekend! Take care.