Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 1074 - May 8, 2011

We had another great day today! We mostly putzed around through the day but then we went back to Brady to have dinner with a bunch of our friends, knowing we won't be back until July.

On our way though, we picked Ronnie up as he was in Pittsburgh at drill (he's a marine reservist). So we took him with us and he is now back here spending the night at the Family House with Kevin. I am so glad because not too many of Kevin's friends have visited him. We waited all day Monday for one of them to come and again all day Tuesday and none of them showed up either. Kevin was very upset, but Ronnie is working his true friend magic and fixing it all.

And thanks for the flowers, Ronnie!!!!

So anyway, here are some photos of today. This first one is of a friend of the family, Louise (middle) and sadly, I don't remember the other woman's name as I just met her today. Sorry.

And here's Moe's family. Notice anything different?

And this is our friend, Barry:

And Ronnie's family:

Me and my friend, Libby:

Here's Libby again with her son, my good buddy, Levi:

And even my nephew Anthony popped down for a visit:

And here's Kevin with Levi again:

And here's what's different in the photo above...Moe got her haircut!! She hasn't changed her hair in the 17 years I've known her! Aflippinmazing! Love it!!

And that about finishes our day out. I hope everyone had a great day!


Tracey from Pgh. said...

LOL - I noticed Moe's hair right away! It looks great! Sounds and looks like you had a nice weekend. So glad you had a Happy Mother's Day. You deserve it Leslie! The weather finally looks decent in Pgh. this week. At least you will have a nice couple of days before you head back.

Pattie Matheson said...

Ronnie is a jewel!

Maybe Mother's Day messed things up for his friends. Obligations doncha know. My son is in a different state but even so I didn't hear from him until after he and his significant other spent the day with her Mom.