Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 1488 - Jun 25, 2012

I know I haven't written for a couple of weeks, but there really just isn't much to say anymore. I think my posts will be fewer and farther between from here on out and I'll only come on if we are doing something fun or if my feelings just need to be vented. I will come on also if too long goes between posts and just upload some pics of the family and catch everyone up.

So anyway, Kevin went fishing with Johnnie on a trip with the rec therapist from the VA. He had a lot of fun and I guess he caught 7 fish - one of them being the largest on their boat (I think it was a 21 inch trout). This was a HUGE milestone for us as it was the very first time Kevin went somewhere overnight without me. Johnnie has been with us for about 2 years now so I think he is fully capable of handling Kevin's needs and he did well. They had a great time together and I think Kevin only called me maybe 20ish times? This is VERY GOOD for Kev. (although one of those times was when he was about a mile from the house and he called as a joke to tell me he wanted to come home, lol)

Here is a pic of the guys on the boat; Kevin, Johnny and Jose, the rec therapist:

My friend Aggie is here visiting from Ohio this week and we skipped out quite a few days too. We are having a wonderful time and I'm gonna be sad to see her go home tomorrow.

So to end here are a couple of pics. The first is little Christian. I had bought some shelves for my scraproom and he was helping me put them together. He apparently is going to be a builder of some sort because he had an absolute blast.

This one is of Kevin. I forgot to mention that we had went to an Astros game while in Houston with Impact A Hero. It was a blast - we were all in a box suite with a full meal served and Kevin really enjoyed himself.

And to end, I have to show you guys a layout I did with a photo of Kevin when he was a little boy. It's the pic you need to see - he was just so darn cute!

That's pretty much it! We've just been hanging around the house doing a whole bunch of nothing so I guess I'll catch ya next time!

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Aunt Judy said...

Thanks for the post. I'm always glad to hear how the family is doing. Love the pic of Christian. Sure am happy you are getting a little time to yourself too. You and Breezy deserve it and more. Again thanks for sharing. It's now time for you to write your book. I want a signed one. Love to all