Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 1397 - Mar 25, 2012

Boots.  Check.  Gloves.  Check.  Coat.  Check.

Guess what Kevin is doing this week?  Kevin will be SNOWBOARDING!!!

Yes, we are in Aspen, Colorado for the whole week for the VA Winter Sports Clinic for paralyzed veterans.  This is the first time that Kevin agreed to do something with the other vets and I am hoping that the camaraderie will instill a desire to do more with them - maybe the paralympics (sp) or something like that.  He needs a goal - something to work toward and if anything is going to inspire him - this is it.

Anyway...we flew in yesterday and although I was expecting snow everywhere - there is none at all until you get up the mountain (I believe it's being 'made' because nearly every other mountain is dry).  Personally - I am really happy with the 65 degree temps as I am quite spoiled now and don't do well in the cold, lol.

So today we just registered for the event and then Kevin was fitted for snowboarding boots. We aren't sure how it's going to work because he will be boarding without his brace -  it just wouldn't go into the boot at all.  I made the decision to just let him go without it because I am thinking that the boots are sturdy enough to keep his foot correct.  Keep your fingers crossed anyway.

So tomorrow Kev will be snowmobiling first and then maybe doing some rock wall climbing.  There are MANY events here for these guys/gals and I have to say - everyone is so nice!  I think there are over 300 disabled veterans and I believe over 700 volunteers.

What's been really great is having folks come up to me that read my blog and meeting others that I know of throughout the brain injury world.  I am excited that there is a TBI group meeting on Tuesday night too and I think it will be fantastic to get to know some of these folks even better.  It really is a small world.

And speaking of a small world - Kevin and I met a man last night that is our old neighbor's brother-in-law from East Brady!  Joy - it was great meeting Kevin!!  And what are the odds, eh?

And to finish - I want to thank Rene and MOAA for all of the ski gear and other necessities for both Kevin and myself (love you, Rene!!!) and I also want to thank Rosie at Help Our Wounded for the hotel room and food.  This trip wouldn't be possible without your help!!

There should be LOTS of pictures next week!


Lori said...

What an amazing fun thing for Kevin to do - I am so glad he is getting some opportunities to do fun things lately. Have a blast Kevin!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!!! :) It sounds like you are going to have a great time! That's wonderful!:)
Can't wait for pictures!
Take care,
Katy in IA

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

We went there several years ago. It was a little depressing for us seeing older vets that couldn't do anything and we thought about how our life would be just like that as he ages. However we went with some friends so that helped. I have a friend there right now her husband has a TBI. Hope you guys had fun!