Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 1299 - Dec 19, 2011

Yikes! I so forgot to write last night! Yesterday was one of those super-productive days where you get so much done and I just plum forgot to finish the day with a blog posting.

I think, in all honestly, I am just going to start writing once a week. We just don't 'do' enough to justify boring you all twice in one week, lol. I guess the lucky day will be Monday mornings. I will try to always write on Sunday nights, but don't panic if I just forget.

So we had an appt at the gait lab again at the VA on Friday. Kevin is hyper-extending again and we are trying to fix it. We had the Bioness rep there to help us figure out if it will help if we use the stimulator while walking or if we should just return it. We did decide to keep it and see if it makes the difference, but now we need to get his body accustomed to the electronic stimulation again. It never made sense to me that we got the things (one for his arm and one for his leg) and then both new therapists told us not to use it. I'm glad we got the go-ahead because I do think these machines might just make all the difference in the world.

We also finally had an ENT appt last week to check out Kevin's ears because they still hurt really bad. She found no reason and thinks it could be allergies. So she thinks that, the dentist thinks it's TMJ and the oral surgeon thinks it's his wisdom teeth. I guess we'll see in the long run, but he's not getting his wisdom teeth out now til February and I think we are supposed to see someone about the TMJ too. We are waiting on some nose spray to see if that makes any kind of difference too.

We also finally have our dates for our trip back to Pittsburgh in Jan to see the surgeon. This will be the final leg of the study. Bummer. It was so nice being able to go home so often.

Anyway, the dates are Jan 16-19. As of this moment, we will not be renting a car so everyone will have to come see us down in Oakland. It's gonna be a rough couple of days, for sure.

And that's about it so I will catch y'all next week. In the interim:


Oh - and here's a quick photo of our little guy:


Lorraine said...

Great photo. The TMJ issue, I mentioned it to my sister and she had a chiropractor fix her TMJ problem. Just a thought. Merry Christmas. Have a great weekend. Rick and Lorraine

Pat said...

Merry Christmas to all your family Leslie!

bearlythr said...

It has been a long hard journey for your entire family. Now that your lives are moving in a pretty consistant forward direction, without all the daily terrors of the past three years, I think it is indeed a blessing to have nothing much to report. ( Still follow your scrap blog...gorgeous!!)

Praying all goes well with the TMJ and the leg and arm stimulation devices. Never made much sense to get them then not use them but I am not a therapist or doctor.

Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year,

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Should be a blast with the lil Man........enjoy every moment.

Cathy M said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Cathy Morse